Stained Glass

My SCA Arms that I did in stained glass. The picture doesn't capture the beauty of the irredescent opalesence of the glass used for the scallop shell.

A video I made for Ron and his children, Shelby and Ronald.

And Winter Came
My newest video. And Winter came. Music by Enya.

2011-The Beginning of Another Year
Well, this last year has been a another good one. Pretty quiet and uneventful for the most part. Life carries on. We continue to work on our house. Making progress in finishing it and putting it on the market. I love our new balcony off the upstairs family room. A beautiful place to sit and watch the sunset or a storm move across the valley. We put Christmas lights out there this year which could probably be seen across in Canada. We're only three miles from the US/Canadian border. We've seen heightened security in customs and border patrol officers in town since 911. They even come out our way, driving on our dirt road outside of town from time to time.
Ron's job has been going well. Lots of lumber available in the lumber yard where he works as a crane operator, cutting up the logs and preparing them to be sawed by the sawyer in the mill. Even though, the warm winter has made it difficult to get the wood out of the forest because the ground isn't frozen. In fact the Eagle Lake dog sled race which we went to last year that was suppose to be this upcoming weekend was cancelled because of lack of snow. Ron enjoys his commute while listening to music in his Chevy G6 commuter car. He's been playing his drums, guitar and the piano and writing his own music. Helps the long dark winters pass. I've been taking a glass fusing class as well as learning how to make stained glass. I'm getting my studio set up for both, as well as my website...for Sancia's Scented Corner to return. Ron is doing the same with a music studio for himself and has some of his music on my space as well as on his you tube page from time to time. I've posted some of my stained glass items on my LJ page. Soon I'll be posting pictures of my glass fused projects especially after I get my kiln which will be soon.
My son Tim is doing well. He turned 35 years old last fall. Living and working in Seattle. He enjoys the city life. He's got a full time job a the U of W with full benefits and seems happy. He has a very sweet girlfriend Caitlin who just graduated from college and is considering moving to Seattle too, getting a job and going to grad school.
Ron's children Shelby and Ronald are still in Oklahoma. Sad to say they remain hidden from Ron. He has not seen or spoken to them since they were abducted in 1997,14 years ago now. They are 15 and 17 years old. Old enough to start figuring out what happened. We remain positive that they eventually will understand the Parental Alienation they are victim's of and contact us. We will "always" be here for them and will never give up "hope" of them being reunited with their father, Ron.
I've been getting seed catalogs in the mail and will be starting to plan my garden. Soon it will be spring. Then it will be time for continuation of the house completion on the outside. Ron just started to install our new hydronic heating system using the water from our well and heating it in our water heater and the circultaing it to radiant heaters. Warm and toasty are we......

Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas
Wishing everyone an Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas.

Stained Glass Turkey
A turkey I made of stained glass.

A photo montage video I did of fall settings, fall leaves, moose, woddpecker to pinao music by George Winston.

Today for Tim
For those of you who know my son Tim, you might enjoy watching this video I made for him to celebrate his 35th Birthday.

Harvest Moon

Photo montage of flowers, moon, moose, forest, logging, Zepplin, Ceceilia, Ron.
Song is Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

Fall Panorama

I'm experimenting with the Panoramic setting on my new Olympus camera.
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